Talkyard: Embedded comments for Jekyll (Disqus alternative)

Hello, I built an embedded commenting system for Jekyll (and others), called Talkyard. It’s open source. And there’s hosting, so you can use it without any server.

Here’s a Jekyll site with getting-started instructions, and you can post test comments:

Demo video:

What are your thoughts? Feedback is welcome :- ) Any reason you would hesitate to use it? Or what do you like about it? If you want to use it and / or have questions, I’d be happy to help.

Talkyard is forum software too (see so you can create e.g. a community at that integrates with the Jekyll blog comments.

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@kajmagnus that looks amazing! Thanks for open-sourcing and sharing it - I liked a lot how the pathways (with arrows) point to respective replies. :+1:

@pabloduo Ok :- ) Thanks for the feedback, it was interesting to hear what you think about the arrows.

(I got ill, hence the late reply)

Is this going to work on GitHub Pages?

@caolin Yes this works with any static site generator & hosting service, incl GitHub Pages. (As far as I know; I cannot think of any reason it wouldn’t work.)

B.t.w. the link above is out-of-date, should be to sub page, here.

But I cannot edit the Original Post :- (