Comments, Facebook group, or other?

Should I find a way to add comments to my Jekyll site? Start a Facebook group for it? Other better suggestions?

The site is

Buffalo, NY

Two options:

Thanks for the suggestions.

My website is a non-technical site about hiking. I don’t see anything on the Github Discussions page that says the discussions are limited to developer discussions, but that’s the obvious intent.

over the years I have seen a handful of clever comment solutions but they never seem to last. I’ve tried disqus and facebook and took them both off partly for lack of interest and partly cause I didn’t like them.

Your site is interesting and comments could really add some value I think, but anywhere you have comments you are going to have spam and the things you have to do to get rid of the spam are generally a pain.

There is people doing it with Mastodon: Client-side comments with Mastodon on a static Jekyll website - Jan Wildeboer’s Blog

I didn’t have the time to try but I like the idea.


As per me, adding comments to your Jekyll site can boost engagement. You can consider Disqus or Commento for easy integration. GitHub Issues is another option if your site is on GitHub Pages. Custom solutions or social media platforms like Twitter are also worth exploring.

Hope it helps !

Thank you