Dev people actively building with jekyll

So I’m wondering who is actively building his blog (both dev and writing on it) with jekyll with the following features:

  • mailchimp or other newsletter implementation
  • disqus
  • social media buttons
  • his own styling / theme
  • adding video, images, code, gist snippets
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I have a blog/personal with over a thousand posts I’m constantly messing with that has:

  • Disqus comments converted to static-based comments
  • custom theme
  • video, images, code snippets
  • related posts
  • pagination
  • tag archives

I also actively work on several Jekyll blog themes that support Disqus comments, social sharing links, video/images/code snippets, and more.



I like the seo / emoji / paginate here:

Why did you move from Disqus to static based comments?

  • No control over the design and styling of the comment embed coming from Disqus
  • Disqus loads some hefty scripts that have the potential to hurt page performance
  • Privacy/tracking implications loading their script.
  • Felt right to include comments as static content like the rest of the site instead of injected into the page with JavaScript from a 3rd party.

Going to check out your post. Did anyone else implement your static comments per your description besides yourself?

Check the comments on that part and this one

A few people shared links to their sites using it. There are also a handful using my method via my Minimal Mistakes theme.