Should I use Jekyll for remade these sites? (one-pagers)

Hello, I new using jekyll, and new in general.

My main question here is if you think that Jekyll is a good answer to remade this pages:

As far as I learned, i get the idea that is not the best idea for a onepager, but I don’t have the tools to argue about it yet. As the pages will be onepagers (will contain inside several colections/pages but he want to all of them been call together in one big one-pager.

So far i get i should made my own template. that call all the colections and see how I deal with the menu.

mostly pages on jekyll i saw are like several pages using the same theme, but here will be only will page, is practical to made this idea?
If I get positive answer about this been a good idea, will continue with this task

Thanks! =)

I’m not sure I fully understand your request, but I’ll do my best to help.

The websites you gave as examples are indeed good candidates for using jekyll.

However, you mentionned that you must make one-pagers (I guess you meant “Single Page Application”, googling this should give you a lot more results). Jekyll is not the right tool for that. Based on this requirement and the exemple website, you should probably use VuePress

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I think he actually means a onepager… this is just one long content page with anchors. Jekyll is perfect for that.


Oh I did not know about the word “one-pager” and mostly looked at the first example which is not one.

Jekyll would indeed do the job. It may be a bit overkill for a one-pager depending on OP’s needs though

It’s just one large page with links, why not just a single html page? Why Jekyll?

If they have a long content and need a table of content for instance Jekyll would be useful.

But yeah, this is what I meant by “a bit overkill”

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As the content grows wouldn’t it be cubersome to have a one page handle it all ?
You should have separate pages for each section. Jekyll collections will do the task.

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Test that. Show the speed time for a one page load vs a Jekyll build. Would be an interesting test. You can build it single page and then split the sections up to make it a Jekyll site and see which one loads faster.

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