New to jekyll, Great I have met this software (Presentation)

I recently read about Jekyll.

I was looking for a simple way to maintain my personal web site (after tying some CMS) and plain html seems to be the most simple of all.

But having to edit related html documents is not great.
Markdown seems a great solution.

Being able to have a local copy of your pages and display them without internet connection is great, and something long awaited by me.

I have installed Jekyll in my laptop and created my personal pages using Prologue theme (which I liked a lot, but had to make some adjusments to my needs).

It worked great, I even could have an online version using GitHub pages and git to publish changes.

I have some doubts and hesitations, and some problems to solve that I will ask in other posts, but Jekyll seems the ultimate solution to my needs.

Thank devs for your efforts and this great software.