Properly Referencing Theme in Jekyll

Hi there,

I’ve been looking to declare a different theme in my Jekyll project however I can’t get the new theme to render “live”.
I can render the new theme when in a local server environment however when I’m looking to push to my GitHub repo for this project I’m still rendering the same generic theme that Jekyll is shipping with.

You can only use certain whitelisted themes on GitHub Pages.

Check this list for details

You can only use whitelisted theme ? i’m seeing people using the theme i am wishing to use and it is not whitelisted…
Forty Jekyll Theme is what i’m looking for to use

Please if you can…take a look into the desired theme I am trying to render. I’ll leave my repo/URL/and themes repo below.

Thank you

i believe everything should be rendering … however not getting anything…

To use non-whitelisted themes on GitHub Pages:

  1. Go to the repository of the theme of your choice.
  2. Fork it, clone locally and customize as required.
  3. Commit and push to repository.
    GitHub will build and render it automatically

P.S. I’ve seen many issues regarding this theme not rendering as per their demo.

ah got you… thanks for your help