Octopod Updated - Build Your Podcast / Radio Talk Show (Static) Websites and Feeds (XML, JSON) w/ Jekyll

Thanks to Stephan Haslinger et al for pushing out a new update for Octopod that lets you publish / build (static) websites incl. feeds (in xml and json) for your podcasts and radio talk shows.

Find out more @ https://rubygems.org/gems/jekyll-octopod and https://jekyll-octopod.github.io.

Happy publishing with Jekyll and friends.


Can Octopod be used on an existing Jekyll build/website? Just so it isn’t octopod serve but jekyll serve and it still builds the audio episode as should? And, if possible, how, same as installing and configuring any Jekyll plugin?

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Octopod is “just” a Jekyll wrapper with some extensions to make it easy to setup and get started. I’d say best to ask the developer Stefan Haslinger, see https://github.com/jekyll-octopod/jekyll-octopod for details if that’s possible or planned in a future update.

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