New to Jekyll, kinda lost & ignorant

I am new to Jekyll, and found a theme I liked.
I am not using Git to store my site, but have a website already which I will duplicate.
I exported it from WordPress and have Jekyll running on my iMac and I have made some changes to _config.yml but when I upload it to my web server it is not how it appears when I view it at http://localhost:4000
I am confused at the baseurl setting in _config.yml. I need to set it as the root of my domain, not http://domain/xxx
How do I do this?

Check this article

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Ah ok. So since I don’t need to use it should I comment it out or set it to nothing?

Yeah you most likely don’t need it and instead use url

And yes you can just comment it out or remove the line if unneeded.

I found a general guide here

It’s been helpful.