My first theme try

I have finished my first version of the modified Prologue Jekyll-theme.

I like Prologue Jekyll theme.

It is simple but effective.
But it lacks some funcionality like being able to manage more then one collection, tag and categories indexes, and mathjax integration.

So I have forked it and developed a theme that I called advanced-Prologue to implement that funcionality.

I am using it and testing it in my site (

I have added multiple collections (not only the original sections colecction) and tag and categories indexes and mathjax integration.

You can show excerpts in the collection index page instead of full pages (in Prologue only posts had excerpts) and you can follow the read me link to read full page.

You can customize the text of read me links.
I have added a theme-options section in the config.yml file.

I have made some other changes too, like the ability to not show your email address in the social link and link to the contact page instead of showing your email (this is the default behaviour).

If you want to show your eamail, you can configure it in the config.yml file changing the email variable to

Coments will be greatly wellcome.

By the way:
displaying equations with mathjax is not working in my github website, as it seems that GitHub pages does not allow to include mathjax.

But it work locally or if I use other provider to serve the html pages.

I don’t know which is the problem with GitHub and mathjax.

Nice work… You could improve the mobile toggle part for the smaller device. it’s now operlapping with content