Getting summary\image previews to work— github theme chooser - Jekyll Slate Theme

I was really loving how simple the theme chooser was to get me up and running until I tried to add images for twitter and other places that will display link previews.

I’m not sure if I need to add and customize _include _templates and other such files…

I’ve read all of the readme’s from github, to jekyll, to the seo plugin, and twitters own guidelines… as well as whatever else I could find.

Any changes I make that improve one thing, breaks another. So I can have preview images for a post (on twitter and\or discord) and a broken homepage or I can have a working site w no previews… and the homepage preview image won’t populate anywhere.

At this point I’m thinking that the shortcut of using the theme-chooser is making everything more complicated.

I smashed my head against the keyboard enough, so I’m gonna think about something else for now…

I would really appreciate any input or guidance.

[edit] Now I’m looking at this post, and it suggests that using my readme instead of creating an index.html can cause unexpected build problems:

Also realizing that is probably the better place to ask questions about their theme chooser, but I was at my whits end and found this forum first.

Is where I’m collecting resources… so if you have any favorite guides pls let me know.

yes, so to answer my own question:

My previews work now, and I think that creating an and adding layout: default to its front matter is what solved my problem.

besides that each page has the following in the front-matter…


basically everything sort of works as expected now… I think due to creating an and adding layout: default to its front matter.

some other settings in the _config.yml obviously

so that is, I believe, the bare basics of using the theme chooser, and with minimal additional configuration, having links that show a preview on twitter and other sites\apps.

I’m gradually stripping away various parameters as I tweak and see what’s what.