Feedback: Jekyll Admin expectations

Hello everyone!
Hope y’all are happy Jekyllin’ :slight_smile:

Jekyll Admin has kicked into active development once again and its maintainers would like to hear from you:

Integration with GitHub aside (not possible with current set up), what would y’all like Jekyll Admin to provide to improve your Jekyllin’ experience in your local environment…?

Please post your comments below…
Thank you very much.

Ashwin M

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Hi, @ashmaroli.

It seems a great idea for me.
Just one of the things I was looking for.

If you are using GitHub pages, may be you don’t need a plugin like this, as you can edit your pages from GitHub.
But GitHub pages has its drawbacks and limitations (you have to expose all your content to public, if you use a free account, it does not seem to work well with maths, some themes are not supported…).

When you are making major changes to your Jekyll pages locally, may be a full blown local editor like atom is more appropiate: it lets you take care of git versioning and all that whistles.

But when you are on the road and have no access to your usual computer, a plugin like this lets you configure your site and make editions or additions to it from any web nav easily.
The editor helps you make editions with full knowledge of markdown (good for people not too techy or worried about the details).

I am trying it and I think I will keep it in the final version of my personal CMS that I am testing now.

But I find two limitations:

  • There is no security to access the admin interface.
  • There seems is no math support.

Admin access security

I suppose you can limit access using .httaccess in an admin dir, and Basic auth.

But it is cumbersome to implement that for the final user.
I have seem some security plugins that let you use GitHub accounts or similar.

Integrating this plugin funcionality with a general security access API would be of great help, and giving users of the plugin infro about how to implement security.

Math formulas

You allway can create latex equations using plain text.
But your preview does not render them even if you have matjax activated in your site.
Previewing math equations is a need for all of us that live in engineering or science worlds.

If you could integrate some kind of math equation editor written in JavaScript it would be wonderfull.

Thank you for your work. It helps people like me not programmers or developers, that want to use Jekyll.

Thank you for your feedback @ariznaf. Much appreciated.
This plugin was originally designed to be used locally. So, a web / cloud integration layer is non-existent. I agree that it would be a valuable addition.

Regarding Math formulae in Markdown, could you open a request ticket at the repository?
(And post the link here so interested users may upvote the request).
We may switch to a different Editor component if there’s a significant demand for Mathjax support.

I am quite new to Jekyll, GitHub and all this whistles.

May you tell me were should I exactly open the ticket?
I would be glad to do it.

There are lots of people that need math, basic or advance maths. But we are used to live without good tools to publish our documents with maths online (and fallback to poor solutions as PDF or doc documents and download links).
There is not a good online markdown editor with math integration. There are pages to do online editing with maths (for example UpMath but not integrated with your CMS.
If you can provide an easy to use editor with math integration (at least math previewing) it would be great and a solution for lots of people.
Some of the online solutions (like UpMath) do it the atom way, with no noob help for the edition and just a good preview.
Having aids to do the edition (like the editor you provide or the one in discourse) is great. But if you can provide something similar to math eq edition it would be awsome.

If I understand you well, the admin directory is not uploaded to the online version of your blog?
Would it not be as easy as uploading the files in an admin dir?

I think this plugin has more potential for using it online that locally.
To edit pages in your own computer you have your own preferences and tools.
But when you are on the road you usually don’t have access to them or your computer.
Having a way to update your pages and posts from any where is great.

It is usefull locally too, for not too techy people as a quick and easy way to create site content.