Can Jekyll admin be used on shared hosting & customized?

Just wondering if it’s possible to upload Jekyll admin to a shared hosting provider and edit the theme?

No, currently jekyll-admin only works on the local system. Also, you won’t be able to edit theme gems via the interface.

That’s okay, I’m not using any gem themes. Do you know if it’s in the pipeline to enable jekyll admin to work hosted?

Nathan have you seen This will allow you to edit posts and pages using a CMS. If you need to edit a theme i would agree with @ashmaroli that you will need a text editor such as atom or vs code.

Yes, and it’s great, but I was really looking for something free & self-hosted. I’m building a tool for myself and my business partner, but he barely knows what an img tag is, so I was hoping to host an admin interface that we could both access.

Ok I see. It would be considered a business expense tho