Protect Jekyll-Manager with password

Hi folks!
I´m Exequiel, new in Jekyll world.

I´m using Jekyll to build a page for my educational project. I´m using pages, posts and Minimal Mistakes theme.

My question is : is there any way to protect the access to /admin page (of Jekyll-Manager) to avoid everyone but me to create pages/posts/edit everything on my site.

Thank you in advance!


I’d have to check with @ashmaroli, but for jekyll-admin, the purpose is to be development-only. That is, when you push your site to your site host, you do not enable jekyll-manager or jekyll-admin. That is only for when you run things locally on your computer.

@YakoInfinity Thank you for checking out Jekyll Manager.
Like Parker mentioned above, Jekyll Manager or Jekyll Admin currently works only when the Jekyll server is run locally on your computer. So we have not incorporated security features into either of the plugins, yet.

But having said that, this is at the top of our would-like-to-have list and we are actively thinking about it.

Thanks once again

Thank you! Yes, I’ve read carefully the read-me on github and discovered that tiny detail hahaha

Then, discovered online CMS like Siteleaf. It’s not the same (I’m still preferring Jekyll-Admin) but it’s ok, still useful.

Thank you again! :grinning: