Use Jekyll on shared hosting server?

We had to step down from a VPS to a shared-hosting server. Once signed up I found out I could not use Jekyll on this server.

I have happily used Jekyll and would prefer to continue to use it . Is there some way use only part of it, i.e. flat-files? I am sorry. I don’t have the knowledge or terminology to even ask for help properly!

If this can’t be done, could you suggest a static blog generator which would work for me on a shared server.


Some shared hosting servers can run Jekyll, although often the setup is more complicated due to shared-hosting limitations (no root access, outdated Ruby, etc).

If you can’t run Jekyll on the server, then another option is to run it on your local machine and then sftp/rsync the _site directory up to the shared server.

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Thank-you so much for your courteous reply. Because Jekyll was set up on the previous server, my brain was not seeing the big picture. :blush: Puts on glasses and turns on the light. Of course you can upload the files, it is Jekyll!

The HTML files are now uploaded: no fuss no muss.
Again thank-you.