More beginner questions

Hi community,
I am new to Jekyll and I would like to know how much time a pro needs to install it and to connect it to an URL. Some freelancers I asked, said, that it might take several hours. I cannot believe that. Therefore I would like to know your estimations.

Another problem of me is, that I do not have any glue about working with the command line. I am used to working on PHP driven CMSs, therefore I never use the command line. Do you have any link that teaches me stuff about the command line that might be useful for working with Jekyll? If I knew the basics of the command line, I would understand much more. :wink:

My first job on Jekyll will be to transfer a Photoshop design into some static HTML pages. I thought that HTML and CSS will be enough for doing this. OK, for installing HTML and CSS are not enough. :wink: But once Jekyll is installed and working: What will I need to know to write a design for static HTML pages? I know HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. will that be enough?



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The time needed to install Jekyll depends on your network environment. It takes minutes or hours. But the instruction is very simple: Just run gem install jekyll in a terminal.

If you want to learn some basic knowledge of command line, you can browse this website:


If you just want to create a static website, HTML & CSS are enough, I think.

Thanks1 That might be really usefull. :wink: