Migrate from Joomla to Jekyll

Hello everybody,

I opened the documentation page which describes a method for the transfer site Joomla to Jekyll.
But I do not understand anything :sob:

I open the console Windows (in my Jekyll project) and do the following:
gem install jekyll-import

What to do next?

Page with manual: http://import.jekyllrb.com/docs/joomla/

You should just run that command shown on that page? You just need to replace the fields with your own site details

What do I write in the host field?
On the Joomla site in the configuration file specified localhost.

The docs tell you that the required fields are dbname and user.
Every other option has a default value.

So, if your joomla settings are:

dbname       : alpha
user         : beta
password     : 1234
host         : localhost
section      : 1
table_prefix : _jos

Simply run:

$ jekyll import joomla --dbname=alpha --user=beta --password=1234 


$ jekyll import joomla --dbname alpha --user beta --password 1234 
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Jekyll I lies on a computer rather than on the server.
How did he understand what localhost

No coincidence video lesson?