List inside a table cell on Minimal Mistakes

I am trying to include an unordered list inside a table cell.

It is rendering properly on GitHub but Minimal Mistakes is not displaying it right, showing html for the list in the cells. Please see below for reference.

Any tips on what I am doing wrong?

Screenshot from GitHub

link to .md on GitHub pages

Screenshot from my website

Code Snippet

| Type of Stressor | Example | Impact/Outcome |
| :--------------- | ------- | -------------: |
| Consensus Rules | <ul><li>Segwit2x Civil War</li><li>Bitcoin Cash Hard-Fork</li></ul> | <ul><li>Bitcoin proves to be censorship resistant</li><li>Bitcoin wins, strengthens</li></ul> |
| Government action | <ul><li>Indian central bank banning banks ability to service bitcoin companies</li><li>China clamping down on exchanges and mining activities</li><li>U.S. Congress representatives calling for bans or restrictions</li><li>Bitcoin addresses being put on OFAC list</li></ul> | <ul><li>Network continues to function uninterrupted</li><li>Network adapts and immunizes threat</li><li>Bitcoin wins, strengthens</li></ul> |
| Competing protocols | <ul><li>Bitcoin hard forks and copies</li><li>World Computer</li><li>Utility Tokens</li><li>Stablecoins</li><li>Facebook’s Libra</li></ul> | <ul><li>Competing currencies fail</li><li>Bitcoin remains dominant</li><li>Market tests provide information</li><li>Bitcoin wins, strengthens</li></ul> |
| Company or service provider error | <ul><li>Mt. Gox hack – stolen bitcoin</li><li>Bitfinex hack – stolen bitcoin</li><li>Binance hack – stolen bitcoin</li><li>BlockFi hack – stolen personal information</li><li>Hardware wallet vulnerabilities</li></ul> | <ul><li>Errors owned by responsible parties</li><li>No bailouts</li><li>Accountability eliminates moral hazard</li><li>Companies adapt or fail</li><li>Bitcoin wins, strengthens</li></ul> |
| Individual user error | <ul><li>Individual exchange accounts getting hacked</li><li>Accounts being frozen or terminated</li><li>SIM Swaps</li><li>Bitcoin wallets being lost or stolen</li><li>Forgetting passphrases to private keys</li><li>Malicious browser extensions or malware</li></ul> | <ul><li>Errors owned by responsible parties</li><li>No bailouts – Accountability eliminates moral hazard</li><li></li><li>Individuals adapt or lose money</li><li>Bitcoin wins, strengthens</li></ul> |

Has nothing to do with the theme. Kramdown is Jekyll’s Markdown parser of choice and it behaves differently than whatever GitHub uses on their site.

I blogged about how to do lists inside of a Markdown table when using Jekyll/Kramdown. There’s also an old thread in this forum about the same issue if you search.

Thank you, Michael. I searched the forum and the web with no luck. I appreciate you taking the time to share your post.