Latest Jekyll Conf

Why isn’t there any latest Jekyll Conference?

Jekyllconf was organized by CloudCannon. Right now, the Core team has little resources or motivation to organize another one (although who knows? perhaps next year)

What topics would you like to see covered in a dedicated Jekyll conference?

/cc @mikeneumegen

There are lot of topics which can be covered in Jekyll.

  1. Jekyll updates
  2. Jekyll hacks (if it make sense)
  3. Jekyll customers (the big companies who and how they are using Jekyll)
  4. How Jekyll integrate with other plugins and tools
  5. What’s next in Jekyll
  6. Jekyll use-case

I have created Jekyll Codex and I build about 30 Jekyll websites per year for agencies. I would love to share some of that with the rest of the world. I could create some video’s about these topics and post them on Jekyll Codex (

Alternatively I could also organize an online JekyllConf under the flag of Jekyll Codex and invite some great speakers. What do you all think? Anyone wants to help set this up?