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I have built a temp landing page for using jekyll and foundation 6.4, this was all built with includes and front matter.

Looks great. How did you integrate Jekyll and Foundation?

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I downloaded the sass version of foundation from git hub and just copy and pasted the files in the relevant folders…not so straight forward but once I got it working it’s was great

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Minimal - Demo

A minimal Jekyll theme.

Another 70+ Jekyll sites, including source-code:

Got a Jekyll question? Just send me an email, or read my blog:


Join the Jekyll chat.

My personal site - I use it as a way to highlight some of my favorite projects. Although there isn’t much content right now, I’m pretty happy with the design.


Like the simplicity and clarity! Can I ask if you designed / built this yourself or is it a theme you used?

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Thanks! Designed and developed this one myself


My Jekyll website about Jekyll, hosted on Github. It includes a blog, reading-time-indicator, share-buttons, follow-buttons, a lightbox, an image gallery, breadcrumbs, open-embed simulation, simple content buttons and more… all of which are easy to re-use (using includes).

The Classic-Jekyll-Theme has undergone a major rewrite. The code base documentation was improved, and the generated code is quite readable.

The build-in menu generator now supports menus 3 levels deep and the banner can be fixed to the top of the page.

To see it in operation, check out the new site at:

Hi Guys

I have made a update to my site using jekyll - most of my site was broken down to inculdes and data to quickly update my site and furture plans. No them used only foundation 6.4 and a javascript carousel plus a but of css.

Let me know what you think feedback welcome


Hi folks,

Meet StaticPages, a great new platform to operate Jekyll-powered blogs, publications, company pages, marketing landing pages and whatnot. This landing page for the platform itself has been made using Jekyll (3.5.0) and a free Coming Soon theme (slightly customized) by Revolthemes.

Converting HTML-only theme pages into Markdown were nothing but pure fun - it took me some includes, data files to keep repeated blocks (features and credits) under control. The rest was quite straightforward, split into pages and sections - easy and quick.

In addition to that I rolled out a customized flavor of Puma web server + Google Firebase to deliver lightning-fast R.S.V.P (or Subscribe) end-user experience that allows keep customers data private, sounds & safe while serving pages over free SSL certificate by LetsEncrypt.

To make it sound even cooler, the landing page actually runs inside a Docker container :whale2: and yields quite impressive performance metrics.

To make it run I used quite a few of open-source projects and hand-written backend code. :slight_smile:

Hope you will like it and your feedback as always is much appreciated!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


文科中的技术宅 (个人博客) -

My personal website, I plan on putting tutorials and posts, and also my projects. I’ve learned alot about jekyll and more about ruby as I’ve gone on and made things to help myself quicken up the pace of making pages.

Shishukunj MUN 2017 -

Website for school’s Model United Nations Conference. Learned jekyll, gulp, sass, git and the fact that maintaining websites is tough work.
I’m a student btw. :smile:

Your site looks great and responds nicely. Good work!

While designing my site, getting lost in the tweaks, I have repeated style blocks across files and I will need to go back and tighten it up. I am saving this post/ your site so that when I’m ready I’ll come back to it to get ideas on how to condense styles in a single block.

Congrats on getting a dope site finished. Love the drawings and paintings as well.

It is mainly my portfolio on the internet. A place where I’ll upload stuff and thoughts.

I would like to thank the community for the immense help in this site.

Feedback is appreciated!

Joey Beninghove -

This is my personal website that I built using Jekyll + Tailwind CSS, hosted on Netlify. I’ve built a handful of Jekyll sites in the past, but this is the first time I went completely “from scratch” and built a custom theme from the ground up using Tailwind CSS (which I love). Everything is packaged up via Webpack as well. It was a blast to build and I’m still kind of tweaking things as I go.

I mainly write about web development (e.g. Ruby/Rails, Javascript, CSS) and sometimes about running small software companies.

GitHub Repo -

(Don’t ask me why the repo is named bloggy, I figured it would be temporary, but now I just let it stick) . :slight_smile:


Hi! first showcase for me:
Villa il Palagio a prestigious Italian Villa you can visit in tuscany…now jekyll driven
Villa Palagio