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I have built a temp landing page for using jekyll and foundation 6.4, this was all built with includes and front matter.


Looks great. How did you integrate Jekyll and Foundation?


I downloaded the sass version of foundation from git hub and just copy and pasted the files in the relevant folders…not so straight forward but once I got it working it’s was great


Minimal - Demo

A Jekyll theme that converts.


Another 70+ Jekyll sites, including source-code:

Got a Jekyll question? Just send me an email, or read my blog:


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My personal site - I use it as a way to highlight some of my favorite projects. Although there isn’t much content right now, I’m pretty happy with the design.


Like the simplicity and clarity! Can I ask if you designed / built this yourself or is it a theme you used?


Thanks! Designed and developed this one myself


My Jekyll website about Jekyll, hosted on Github. It includes a blog, reading-time-indicator, share-buttons, follow-buttons, a lightbox, an image gallery, breadcrumbs, open-embed simulation, simple content buttons and more… all of which are easy to re-use (using includes).


The Classic-Jekyll-Theme has undergone a major rewrite. The code base documentation was improved, and the generated code is quite readable.

The build-in menu generator now supports menus 3 levels deep and the banner can be fixed to the top of the page.

To see it in operation, check out the new site at:


Hi Guys

I have made a update to my site using jekyll - most of my site was broken down to inculdes and data to quickly update my site and furture plans. No them used only foundation 6.4 and a javascript carousel plus a but of css.

Let me know what you think feedback welcome



Hi folks,

Meet StaticPages, a great new platform to operate Jekyll-powered blogs, publications, company pages, marketing landing pages and whatnot. This landing page for the platform itself has been made using Jekyll (3.5.0) and a free Coming Soon theme (slightly customized) by Revolthemes.

Converting HTML-only theme pages into Markdown were nothing but pure fun - it took me some includes, data files to keep repeated blocks (features and credits) under control. The rest was quite straightforward, split into pages and sections - easy and quick.

In addition to that I rolled out a customized flavor of Puma web server + Google Firebase to deliver lightning-fast R.S.V.P (or Subscribe) end-user experience that allows keep customers data private, sounds & safe while serving pages over free SSL certificate by LetsEncrypt.

To make it sound even cooler, the landing page actually runs inside a Docker container :whale2: and yields quite impressive performance metrics.

To make it run I used quite a few of open-source projects and hand-written backend code. :slight_smile:

Hope you will like it and your feedback as always is much appreciated!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses: