Jekyll as blog and backend - inspiration needed


After getting my blog and portfolio up and running on Jeyll, based mostly on the Hydeout theme, and hosted through Netlify, I am now looking to host the short posts (link blog, microblog, etc) on my site as well, for syndication out to []. After that is working, my next step is to add Micropub support to ease mobile posting.

I’m looking for examples of folks who have done this successfully, preferably with visible repos (GitHub et al) — so far I have Fiona Voss’s post and repo, and Jordan Merrick’s post post. Can anyone recommend additional resources you’re aware of, or even share how you yourself may be doing this?

I’m most interested in how you separate (on the backend) your blog posts from your microposts, how you display them combined or separately on the site, and whether you do anything with post-tagging or how you’re running your RSS feeds (combined, separate, something else).

Thanks for any inspiration you can offer.

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I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but if you are looking at quick easy ways to add short bits of content to your site I have been playing with StaticMan - generally used for comments but it doesn’t have to be for that - it is just an api to take a form and submit it to your repo as a data file.

So you could have a hidden form on your site that only you have the url to, have a couple fields like Link Text and URL, then when you submit that form, StaticMan takes the contents, makes them into a Data file and puts that in your repo for you. Then a page on your site loops thru any data files in that directory and outputs a list of links. All web based, no login, build triggers automagically (github).

Sometimes I want to post code snippets and this is an easy way to do that.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything for you to look at, though I have tested this setup and it is neat, and easy to do.


Thanks for the response. I’m vaguely familiar with StaticMan, which is neat. However, I don’t need inspiration in how to wire up posting to the site. I think I have that taken care of. I’m looking at how people who maintain both a blog and a microblog (think “two distinct types of posts, with different meta styles”) structure Jekyll on the backend (both storage of the posts, and structure of the layouts/includes), and if they do anything interesting on the syndication end (via RSS e.g. to a service like

I appreciate the reply, though. That’s certainly a clever use of StaticMac.