How to host a Jekyll static site and a Jekyll static blog on GitHub

I have a Jekyll freelancer site on a folder and a basic Jekyll blog project where I put my articles in /blog.

My plan is to host them on GitHub. <mypseudo> for the freelancer site and <mypseudo> for the Jekyll blog.
I just want to create my articles and push modifications. I want the simplest solution. I would like a minima create two different folder.

If I put the freelancer folder in my /blog folder, It will erase the _config.yml and maybe other files and folder. What is the best solution to do what I want.

Yes I can help you setup a project with a blog.

First I’d say get a base site setup with minima theme and a folder called _posts, which is the Jekyll way. You can use my project here to view a live or create a template or just look at the structure of the repo.

Update the config so it uses your own public URL and title. Note you can set baseurl to be "" as empty string since you don’t want a sub path.

Next, create a page called at the root. Use layout as default.html or page.html

Don’t put it in the posts folder. On this page you can put a blog feed similar to my site’s homepage which shows excerpts of posts. You can make your homepage look different.

If that builds fine, then you can continue.

The blog listing will be served as /blog.html and the posts will be under name like /2020-02-10-my-title.html by default. If you really want, you can change permalink attribute on to be /blog/ and change posts to be on /blog/2020-02-10-my-title.html but this is not typical setup and takes work. I think the post path is set in config. You’ll have to look up post permalink.

Finally you can change Gemfile and config to use freelancer.

Here’s an file in another repo of mine

You can view that repo’s live site as well, just not on mobile.