Jekyll blog works locally, but just shows my name when deployed

I started a repo at GitHub - roysmith/ github pages. When I test it localliy with “bundle exec jekyll serve”, I get a “Welcome to Jekyll” post, as expected, but when I view it on github, I get a page with just my name on it. I assume I’ve got some path configured wrong somewhere but can’t figure out where.

you have config files in both the root and the myblog folder… not sure how that would work but it is probably your issue.

what do you get if you just do the main url and drop the /myblog part?

OK, I deleted the top-level config file; that didn’t have any effect.

Going to gets me “Hello, github” which is what’s in my top-level index.html file.

but in GH you have it set to use the root probably? but then the config file is in a sub folder, I don’t actually know what happens if you do that but it seems weird to me. Maybe try getting rid of the myblog folder - move all that up to the root of the site and see what happens.

You also have the config baseurl set to myblog, but in your case you are not using a GH project so you don’t need a baseurl. This is cause you named the repo with your username and this is the one and only repo name that doesn’t need a baseurl as it ends up being the parent folder (more or less) of any other repos you create under that username. Those would need a baseurl but this particular one does not.

Yeah, moving my entire myblog file up to the top level got things working, despite being at odds with the quickstart instructions at Quickstart | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites. There’s obviously some bit of config I haven’t wrapped my head around yet :slight_smile: