Want to move my Jekyll Blog Site to a subfolder called blog in my public_html website

I want to move my newly created Jekyll Blog Site into a folder called ‘Blog’ in the root of my www folder such as the public_html.
It this possible? Do I need to make any changes to the _config.yml ?
What are some best practices related to doing this?

As an extension to the same query, is it possible to update my blog creation and blog updates into Github and the make my blog folder in public_html of my hosting to pull those changes from Github?

Thanks in advance.


this is what baseurl is for - there is lots of info on it already if you search for it. That should make all your urls start with /blog/.

I don’t understand your second question. Sounds like you want to pull changes to the GH repo into your webserver automatically - you might be able to do that with hooks, but I have not done it. You would need to be able to run jekyll on the server to rebuild the site.