Jekyll 4 an GitHub Pages

Any timeline for first beta for 4 and does anyone know a timeline for GitHub to use 4? I’m building out a new site and theme and would love to start testing now.

No timeline for GitHub upgrading to Jekyll 4 after we release it. Feel free to start using the Jekyll 4 prereleases now though. We’d love the feedback!

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I’d love to but I’m building some specifically to be on gh-pages. I could use an Action to build but I want to be able to share it (it’s already an open project).

I’ll take a peak at it for my personal site possibly. Thanks.

How do you do that? I would like to use Jekyll 4 with GitHub Pages.

Maybe a GHP upgrade is just around the corner… but still if there’s a way to use newer versions of Jekyll on GHP, I would like to try it.