GitHub Pages use the old Jekyll 3.9.0 - dependencies

Hello Users,

why did GitHub Pages use the old Jekyll 3.9.0 ?
When did you think GitHub Pages change to Jekyll 4.x.x ?

GitHub Pages uses the following dependencies and versions:

Dependency Version
Jekyll 3.9.0


I have asked the question before, and the answers were always vague.

Even here on this forum, many people use GitHub Actions (workflows) to build their Jekyll 4.x sites and publish the final HTML/CSS/JavaScript output to GitHub Pages. Others use Netlify (or similar) to publish their site.

While Jekyll 4.x support may be coming, I feel GitHub is (a) working on something better or (b) would prefer you use the stack of your choice and build it with GitHub Actions. Personally, I think (b) is the most likely scenario.

Hello, thank you.

If GitHub don’t anymore support Jekyll, i’m changing to HUGO.

Your are making good youtube videos, you are a star. :slight_smile:

Did you have more input for me in this case:


GitHub absolutely supports Jekyll, I just don’t know if or when 4.x will get support. In all honesty, 3.9.x is pretty solid anyway. I will take a look at the link to see if I can help.

Also, thank you re: the videos!