Is there any working github supported infinite scroll method

I tried this project for infinite scroll in jekyll. But it shows just spinning without loading any content. There are some issues raised against it but author not seems to be active nowadays. Any fix available for this plugin.

Check your JS console for errors.

Consider using the pagination plugin to make multiple pages of blog posts of say 10 a page.

Try a simple solution and then optimize - if needed. Even if you have a few 100 posts previews on the page, see what happens if you leave out infinite scroll or pagination approaches. You might find that you don’t have a performance impact.

Of course if you load images it is going to be slower. But then you can make sure you resize and compress preview images.

I’d also argue that being able to filter to 200 posts on #javascript and 50 posts on #machine-learning or whatever (without infinite scroll or paging) is far more useful and practical for a reader than having a feed of 1000 posts which appear dynamically as you scroll

Thanks for the suggestions @MichaelCurrin . I am not using any paginate plugins. Is that required, since infinite scroll documentation not saying about paginate plugin and they use for post in site.posts code. I have a situation that I cannot use any paginate plugin even paginate v1 though I know it supports github pages

Infinite scroll and paginate are different approaches to the problem of a lot of content. I imagine infinite scroll does not rely on paginate at all.

I suggest you view the source HTML in your _site directory to see if all your posts are appearing there on your list page.

Check your JS is loaded and see if the errors tell you why your posts don’t appear.

Besides a link to the repo with its instructions, it would help a lot to see your site as a repo and as a deployed site otherwise we can’t test your actual code and what you have done. and you have to debug it yourself.