How to make auto scroll

Please tell me how to make auto scroll pages like infinite scroll. Any working one for minima

Some help please
I mean how to make auto load next page if we move down to the page

Can you suggestion any other option @mmistakes?

My requirement is that more posts should load after clicking the load more button (on the same page).

so the infinite scroll just needs a button to say load more rather than showing immediately once you scroll? I’m sure that is doable. You just need to figure out the JS to make that happen. That link is probably a good starting point though as it gets you the json file of the posts which is probably one of the more important parts.

As @rdyar metioned start with that plugin and learn how they’re building the JSON file that holds all the post data.

Doing the actual “infinite scroll” after that is purely a front-end thing. I’m sure if you search around you can find a few tutorials or open-source solutions on how best to do that view. It’ll have nothing to do with Jekyll at that point which gives you way more options.

Is this plugin working, not seems to be working for me…