Pagination on Non Index.html Page

I have a github page hosted at, if you open it you can see that posts are not being listed on the main page i.e index. html
The page I am using to list posts is actually at /posts , page is and all posts are under _posts. Here’s the link to github repo if you want to see GitHub - njmulsqb/ My Github Page

Now I know that pagination does not works with markdown files. Is there any possibility to add pagination to my current website structure without changing the main page, I just want to add pagination at the end of current posts page

Can anybody help with this problem?

Hello, if i test your site i get this message:

    Liquid Warning: Liquid syntax error (line 2): Unexpected character @ in "{{@import "font-awesos/default.html                                

Yes, its just a warning, you can ignore.

I think the pagination page has to be named index.html. I think it may only work at the root.

There is a plugin for jekyll paginate 2 that may work better.

I’ve never used pagination so I don’t know much about it.


NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT as of Jekyll 3: Pagination Generator for Jekyll

Did you have read this?

Ops I didnt know that. Isnt there any other alternative for pagination now? Any under active development?

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