Is there a port of Material for MkDocs for jekyll?

I was planning to write an open source book hosted on github pages. I searched for documentation themes for jekyll. I found Jekyll Documentation Theme and other themes, but I didn’t quite like any of those themes. (new users can include only two links in a post, that’s why I can’t link all those themes).
There is a theme for MkDocs called Material for MkDocs, which is so nice. The choice of font-family, font-size, the allighnment of content, the table of contents etc everything is just perfect for an open source book hosted on github pages.
Is there some port of this theme for Jekyll?

Thank you!

Love the mkdocs tool and Material theme too. Would be great to see a port / conversion to jekyll.

Anyways, the Dr Jekyll Theme directory currently lists 5 material themes:

  • Material Design Lite (MDL)
  • Bitwiser Material
  • Smart Material
  • Materialized
  • Shawn’s Material

See and search for material. Cheers. Prost.