HTML file can not be found in _site folder -- RESOLVED --Difference USER ERROR will post github issues later

I get the page not found when trying to access it via localhost:4000/ automated_testing_tips.html

If I look in my pages/tips file, I can see the file there.

If I look in my _site folder, neither .md or html file is there. I try to add it but it gets deleted as expected.
I am trying to build and serve but can not get past this error.

From my toolbar->
title: Automated Testing
url: /automated_testing_tips.html
output: web

Front matter from file:

title: Automated Testing

tags: [ tips ]

keywords: testing tips

summary: “This page provides some tips when working on automation testing.”

sidebar: tooling_sidebar

permalink: automation_testing_tips.html

folder: tips

From _config.yml
github_editme_path: hana-tooling/qe-info/ * I get file not found likely because I have not pushed to gh_pages yet
baseurl: /hana-tooling/qe-info/

Neither of these are correct.
Any help would be great!

When I had such problems I usually had a forbidden character in front matter (doesn’t seem the case here) Any error message on the console output?
You could try jekyll doctor or jekyll build --verbose to get more detailed error messages and see if they can pinpoint the problem.

Thank you very much for the tips!