How to override layouts page such as 'home'?

I’m using ‘remote_theme’ which points to newly initialized gem theme.
I now want to override ‘home’ layout coming from the theme (to modify final index.html).

I tried using the method specified in jekyll docs (creating copy of layout file then overwriting the changes)
but it doesn’t changes index.html

Am i doing something wrong ??

Here’s the repo

how come there is no index file in the repo? do you have one locally?

Its inside the theme, here’s the link

This idiot Windows (or Jekyll, i don’t know, it may be mistake on my part too).

My theme is getting continuous occupying port 4000

That’s why my changes layered on top of theme are not being reflected.

i added

port: 4001

and it started working properly :person_facepalming: