How to not wrap certain elements using Jekyll minima theme

I’ve been trying to figure out how to customize the default theme for Minima for a while now, specifically the wrapper found in main.css for the minima theme. I don’t want to wrap certain html elements on the page, for example a canvas element or an image. How do you configure the minima theme so as to not wrap certain elements on the page?

For example

The canvas element is being wrapped along with the text, how can I stop this from happening? Thanks in advance!

Add to your main.scss file with custom css and make sure to keep the import of the theme CSS.

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Hi Micheal!

Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, I am still having problems even after creating the assets directory and adding that main.scss file, is there something else that I am missing?

Here is another screenshot of what it looks like.

Ideally, I would want the canvas element to start all the way at the left of the page.

That rectangle looks massive so you need to give it some width or max width like 50%

And search for how to do flex or column with CSS so you can have the two columns

You can also search for image text reflow