Override Minima default.html

I am attempting to create my own copy of default.html from the Minima theme and have placed it in <mysite>/_includes but it is not being picked up. The default copy from Minima is still being used. How should I override this file?

The default.html is a layout file, so you’ll want to put your version in <mysite>/_layouts.

That is exactly what I did.

It turns out that the index.html file placed in _site by Jekyll is syntactically incorrect. This appears to have caused this problem although I do not understand how the original file came to be used in its’ place. Here is my override of default.html.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="{{ page.lang | default: site.lang | default: "en" }}">

  {%- include head.html -%}

    <div class:"wrapper">
      {%- include header.html -%}

      <main class="page-content" aria-label="Content">
        {{ content }}
      {%- include footer.html -%}

The generated index.html file is too large to add here. It is too badly scrambled to be edited manually with ease.

Doubt this is the issue, but this line isn’t valid HTML. It should be <div class="wrapper"> … an = instead of a :

I spotted and corrected this one, unfortunately it made no difference.

The only difference with the Jekyll default.html is that, in mine, the wrapper division wraps the entire body, rather than the contents only. The change is to get a better visual appearance only.