How to gitignore jekyll-cache

My .gitignore file contains the items below but git continues to track .jekyll-cache/.

I copied the items from the GH gitignore repo and added .DS_Store.

How do I get git to ignore .jekyll-cache?



Once a path is added to git you have to explicitly remove it in addition to ignore.

Mac or Linux:

rm -rf .jekyll-cache
git commit . -m "Delete cache directory"
git push 

Note that git add is not needed in general for updating / deleting files.

If you have other changes saves then . would cover everything. So then you could be more focused with

git commit .jekyll-cache 
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Here’s my file by the way. Including ignoring bundle config and gems installed with bundle

I prefer to add DS Store and .swap (vim temp file) etc. to a global gitignore file so I don’t have to do that per project.

Create ~/.gitignore. Then add that path in git config.

Instructions and sample files here if you are interested GitHub - MichaelCurrin/dotfiles: Samples from my shell configs for Bash/ZSH and macOS/Linux