Excluded file & folder?

I have added all these files and folder to the excluded list. Is it a good idea to add .git folder to the excluded list?

  • Gemfile
  • Gemfile.lock
  • node_modules
  • vendor/bundle/
  • vendor/cache/
  • vendor/gems/
  • vendor/ruby/
  • .git
  • README.md

Dot files are excluded by default.

From the “include” section in the docs:


Force inclusion of directories and/or files in the conversion.  
.htaccess is a good example since dotfiles are excluded by default.

Like @ckruse mentioned, filenames starting with a dot are excluded by default. But Jekyll::Watcher module (that provides the --watch functionality) need not ignore such files.
So, if changes to .git are being reported as being regenerated (when you run jekyll serve or jekyll build --watch), then I recommend adding .git to exclude array.

I have an active proposal to modify the workings of the exclude array for Jekyll 4.0…
If that PR gets merged, you’ll no longer have to lists Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, node_modules, … etc in your exclude array, they’ll be excluded, by default, automatically…

I’m not sure if .git and .sass-cache should be added to that list (to disable those dirs from being “watched”), or modify jekyll-watch plugin directly…