Tiny tip™️ for caches (Mac only, sorry)

For what it’s worth: The topic “How to gitignore jekyll-cache” (which has now been solved by inimitable
MichaelCurrin) reminded me of this:
I renamed my jekyll-cache (via _config.yml to .jekyll-cache.noindex.nosync to prevent copying to iCloud Drive and to TimeMachine. Yes, dot files are synchronised via iCloud, just not visible on-line.



Do you ignore Node modules, gems in vendor etc. somehow?

I would back up Documents and Pictures but would exclude the entire directory of repos since those are already on GitHub.

Dear Michael:
Thank you. Backup strategy will be totally tied in to the individual setup. For instance, I have my own domain, to which I transfer via (s)ftp. So I don’t need no GitHub for this :).
The one thing that’s possibly of wider interest: Adding noindex to the file/foldername skips TimeMachine, nosync skips iCloud.

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