How to fetch data from other rss feed

I want to full some data from other RSS feed and add it to my blog post.

Can that be possible?

yeah, here’s how to do it (it’s a bit old but it’ll give you the gist):

Here’s a live implementation on my site, just inspect the source or look at my Github (can’t link to it because I’m a new user, go to my site and find Github in the footer


  • I fetch my tumblr rss feed into my site
  • use rss2json (the writeup says to use Google’s rss to json script, which actually still works but it hasn’t been supported in a year or so) to convert your rss to a json feed
  • use ajax to pull it, and then parse it and display it manually
  • if you have a lot of data (like my live example) there’s a part of the script that’s commented out which pretty much fetches a lot of the raw data, and I’ve saved the info as json into a separate file. This prevents your users from pulling huge chunks of the same data from the API
  • when users visit the site, I pull the last 20 posts off of tumblr, but if they want all of it (like I sometimes do) I’ll load in all of the saved data, then make a recurring API call to download the missing data