How to create index of post meta-data like with tags?

I’m using Jekyll for my scientific laboratory notebook. Each post covers what I did that day, or for that “experiment”. I (like many people) use tags in my posts to identify the topic covered in the post. I also like to keep track of the people that I collaborate with. So the front matter of my posts look something like this:

title: "My great experiment"
  - physics
  - chemistry
  - Higgs boson
  - Albert Einstein
  - Galileo Galilei
  - Marie Curie

I’m using the great minimal-mistakes theme which has the capability to create an archive page for all the tags used in my posts. How can I create an archive page for all the people mentioned in my posts? This would be similar to how the tags archive is done.

Of course, I could just make my people tags, but I don’t really want to do that, because people are different than tags.

I’ve tried creating a new layout with new includes—copied and tweaked from the tag archive from the minimal-mistakes theme—but the archive page doesn’t show all the people, the page just shows the title of the page.

Something like: site.posts | where_exp: ‘post’, ‘posts.people contains page.tag’