How to change "logo" in Jekyll Chirpy Theme

Hey guys. I’m new to this thing and I can’t seen to find how to change the “logo” thingy in my site. I’m using Jekyll Chirpy Theme and I want to modify the image on the tab when you open the site. Anyone know how? Thanks !!

Are you referring to the favicon that shows in the browser tab next to the page title?

if so that theme has this page:

I should also say you could change how that works and do it on your own. The favicon is set in the meta data for each page, you could see how they are doing it and modify it.

Sometimes generating a favicon is a pain - you can also use emoji now which can be an easy way to do it. Google is your friend here.

The logo is the avatar as per the theme layout.

You can change it by changing avatar value [ line 83 in source file ] in _config.yaml.

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