How to add different social icons to my blog

Hi guys,

really sorry if it is an obvious question, but: I dont know, how could I add new (Font Awesome) social icons to my blog. Here is the repo: .
The theme I’m using is:

README says that I should use _config.yml but I don’t know, how and what to add. Can I manage it on GitHub or should I download the repo files to my computer? I’d like to give an icon to my freecodecamp-profile.

Thank you for your help. I started to learn about web page development just some days ago, I’m a beginner.

look inside the _data folder, there should be a file named settings.yml and it looks like that is where you can edit it. If you are adding a new one, not sure but maybe it will work if you just follow the format there.

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@rdyar answer pretty much covers your question. If you’re interested in learning more about Jekyll, this would be a good place to look.