Can't change social network icons

Hello everyone,

I want to change the icons for social network, I tried to change the class in “_includes/ svg-icons.html” and it does not work.

I want to make twitter icon like this:

you can check the repo here:

appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Good day

Yes you’ll use the snippet provided

<i class="fab fa-twitter"></i>

And you’ll also have to make sure fontawesome CSS gets loaded in your head includes file or a layout. Their website should have instructions.
It might even be available as part of a Jekyll theme, such as jekyll-bulma which I use.

Finally, make sure you match the font awesome version. If you use font awesome v3 then v4 icons won’t work.

Here a tutorial for adding and using Font Awesome in a project

Thank you
I tried to change the class name but it doesn’t work.
how can I know which version I used in font awesome?

Did you add the link tag I recommended for fontawesome to your index.html? Ideally use the latest version 5.0.0 instead of 4.7

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

You must add that before the class will work

Here is another reference

Thank you. I will try it.