I can’t get posts showing up + how to change logo?

Hello, new to Jekyll and sorry for the newbie questions

This is the repo that I have the page with. And this is the link to my page.

By default, the posts should be showing up on homepage. I have it working locally, but not on GitHub pages. I searched the web but there are too many possibilities.

I also wonder how do I change my button logo? I think I can just copy and paste to create new button, but I can’t find where to get the icon for those buttons to my profiles.

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The first link is broken. It should be https://github.com/ianyu93/homepage

The problem may be that your site uses a paginate gem that is version 2

But what is allowed on GitHub Pages is only version 1

Also, I can see you followed the instructions in theme, but the instructions mean you end up with something hard to work with. Currently you have the entire theme and your content mixed into one which makes your site unwieldly to work with as it has code you didn’t write and it is hard to change or upgrade the theme.

A more practical approach for beginners is to create a new Jekyll site with a few files or using the Jekyll tutorial https://jekyllrb.com/docs/step-by-step/01-setup/

And then to configure theme like phantom using just a few lines in your _config.yml and Gemfile.


remote_theme: jamigibbs/phantom


source "https://rubygems.org"

gem "jekyll', '~> 3.9"
gem "kramdown-parser-gfm", "~> 1.1.0"

gem "phantom", git: "https://github.com/jamigibbs/phantom"

group :jekyll_plugin do
  gem "jekyll-remote-theme", "~> 0.4.2"

See a working demo on my gh-pages branch here MichaelCurrin/jekyll-theme-quickstart

And if you want to edit say a layout in a theme, you add a file to your repo which overrides the theme.
You can also add new layout files which are not in the theme.

Your logo question is better as a separate forum topic. But anyway, here goes.

Do you mean the GitHub and Medium icons?

I did a search for “medium” in your repo and arrived here

For example you can change fa-github to fa-twitter and you will see the Twitter logo.

That uses FontAwesome 4 icons - these are loaded because you have this CSS line

You can find more available icons here.

Note that Font Awesome 5 has been around a long time and uses fab instead fa, so you are going to have to either dig to find something that works in font awesome 4, or you have to upgrade your version to 5.

Thank you for solving my problem, and I’ll certainly take a look into thequick start!

Thank you for your answer on this! I can only have one solution, but you did solve the icon problem!

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