New jekyll site now showing posts

I am migrating over from WordPress to GitHub pages. I stood up a new site with Jekyll, and haven’t migrated anything yet. My site seems to be working well, no build errors, layout is correct, theme is working, etc. My issue is no posts are showing up on my home page either locally or on GitHub. I can browse to the post directly without issue.

I have tried changing the layout from default, but it seems midnight only likes default. I tried setting up pagination, but that made no difference. I made sure my posts were not in the future. I am not sure if my issue is related to using posts vs pages?

My environment is locally on Windows 10 with Visual Studio Code.

Ruby version: 3.2.3
Jekyll version: 3.9.3
Jekyll theme: midnight

Repo: PotentEngineer/

Example post that won’t show on home page: Blog intro | PotentEngineer

Thanks for the help! I am really excited to move over to SSG!

You have not created any layout to show list of posts.

To show list of posts, you have to have code similar to following ( docs ):

  {% for post in site.posts %}
      <a href="{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a>
  {% endfor %}

You can create a homepage layout with the above code. Other layouts ( like post.html ) can be created for a single post. You can find more information on layouts here.

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That did it! Thanks so much @panchtatvam. I think I might go read the help from top to bottom just to make sure I don’t miss anything else.

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