How to add netlify + godaddy domain

I have a domain | My main website is active here (examplesite com | It cannot be changed| It is made using Vue js ) and I want to run a Jekyll blog. I have to give it to that blog site on my website - This website is for sale! - example site Resources and Information.. Is it possible? If so, how?

Which part are you stuck on? Netlify or domain?

Jekyll works well for Netlify


npm run build


bundle exec jekyll build 

In your build command.

Jekyll mostly doesn’t care what the resulting domain is where it is hosted. You can put the same Jekyll output anywhere on different domains and the links between pages will work fine.

The part that matters is if there is a part on your package where the url must appear with a domain. Such as in SEO metadata, a robots file, or RSS feed

So just set your Jekyll config

baseurl: ""

And ensure this is set to actually use that value.

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build

Or set

JEKYLL_ENV production

In your netlify environment settings