Can not deploy Jekyll site

I try to deploy my Jekyll site in netlify. But It can’t do. I tried a lot of ways but fail. If any bode can help me, It most important for me.

You only launched bundle exec jekyll serve which start a local server on your machine, here the process to load your Jekyll site on Netlify: Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to host a static website on Netlify built with static site generator Jekyll 4.0.0. Get started in minutes, check it out!

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Set up your config in your repo:

Or set those values in Netlify itself. But then the values will be lost if you delete the site in Netlify.

Also a code change pushed to GitHub will cause a deploy. While simply changing value in settings will not trigger a deploy.

If you still get issues, please link to your deploy log and your repo.