How to clone Jekyll site from Github to another Desktop


Thank you all, and for this forum too. Sorry, that I ask many questions, I’m beginner and foolish at this time :frowning:

I host my Jekyll site on Github repository. Then deploy from Github to Netlify.

But I have one question. How I can clone my Jekyll site from Github Repository? I want to work with my site on another computer.

I mean, that I create my site on a laptop. And now I want to work on Desktop with my site.

I should use command git clone Then go to the site folder, and run bundle install, and bundle exec jekyll serve. It’s the right way?

that sounds about right, did you try it? I don’t think you can hurt anything by cloning.

Yes, I try it. After git clone repo.git, I write command bundle install.

And I see many errors like this:

/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb:10: warning: constant Gem::ConfigMap is deprecated

Here is a screenshot of terminal input:

And if I write bundle exec Jekyll serve command, the local server will be launch, but I see Gem::ConfigMap is deprecated errors too. Here is a screenshot:

It’s a normal situation? And why I gets deprecated warnings?

is the site actually building ok?

what version of Ruby? you might try updating it, I’m guessing it is unrelated to jekyll but not sure.