Jekyll Sitemap not adding base url

I’m using beautiful jekyll from Dean Attali to build my personal site. so i add my site to google searcch console. and i try to submit my sitemap and it got error. probably because it didnt have base url.
how can i automaticly add my base url to sitemap ?

Yes it must be an absolute URL with the domain.

Can you share the theme link?

You can also try use this popular plugin instead

heres the link
GitHub - daattali/beautiful-jekyll: ✨ Build a beautiful and simple website in literally minutes. Demo at
it had auto generated sitemap using that plugin. in local its works fine but in netlify it lost base url for sitemap

Put your URL in:

baseurl: ''

based on:

Simulate Prod locally so it uses url and not localhost.

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build --trace

Then verify your sitemap in _site.

Lastly push to Netlify.

Make sure your Netlify config’s build command or the build command on Netlify is set to this too:

  command = "bundle exec jekyll build --trace"
  publish = "_site"

  JEKYLL_ENV = "production"

Based on

I see the theme uses sitemap plugin internally