Sitemap.xml not showing


Does anyone know why I can get sitemap.xml working/showing for my jekyll blog?


not without a little info, like links to your repo at a minimum. Where are you hosting, how did you make the sitemap, etc.

Hi Ron,

Here is the link to the repo - d-stephenson /

I haven’t done very much as a lot of the online resources and instructions I’ve found have already been done by jekyll, the plugins are already there from what I can tell hence the confusion.



not sure.

But I would remove the gems part at the bottom of the config file, the plugins section should be good enough. (I think - could be wrong though but GH pages uses jekyll 3.9 and the sitemap docs seem to say it is listed as a plugin)

Also I believe your baseurl should be set to baseurl: '' since the site is not a project repo but your username repo ( it is not being served as a sub directory which is what the baseurl is for).

I doubt either one of those will fix it but you never know.

Thank you so much for taking a look - it’s much appreciated, I’ll give it a try.



Did you get this working because I see your sitemap.

Hi, thanks for taking a look - I think that’s the sitemap for the original repository, interesting that they have it working but it isn’t for me…