How does site.pages populate?

Hi! I’m trying to list out all my pages but I can’t seem to figure out where they come from. Many are labeled page3, page4, etc. I don’t see the corresponding files with front matter that is creating them.


Hi there,

With the default configuration Jekyll generates pages (HTML or Markdown files with FrontMatter) from either root folder or folders other than _posts folder.

Hope that helps to guide you in the right direction.

It would be great (if you can, of course) share your repository with the actual files to see your folders structure and configuration details. If for some reason you cannot share the actual files/repository - a screenshot of your folder structure and Jekyll configuration would be very handy to answer your questions more precisely.

Sorry I didn’t include this to start; my questions will be better in the future!

My file structure


title:        /#colorbarf
tagline:      Get out of the plane
baseurl:      ""
paginate:     1

# About/contact
  name:       Tamara Bartlett

# Structure
permalink:    /:title/

# Gems
  - jekyll-paginate

# Others
markdown: kramdown```

they may be the pagination pages. I don’t use paginator but I think that is what those pages are.

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Yup, that’s exactly what those folders/files are from. jekyll-paginate creates them based on it’s configured.

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